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Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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Now that you have finally decided to travel to Dubai, it is time to do away with some of the popular myths that one has about the city of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, as a whole. Most people think that Dubai is a place where it is unsafe to travel and move around, and has a lot of danger in terms of violence, and that have misconceptions about many of the overall rules and regulations associated with the place. All of this is, in fact, really far from the truth.

Dubai makes for a wonderful and memorable vacation, unlike the other major metropolitan cities of the world, where it is crowded and polluted. While cities like Paris, New York, London and such other major cities are known as some of the best around, there are some things in Dubai that you just cannot find anywhere else in the world. From record breaking architectural marvels to luxurious hotels that pamper you and excite all your senses, from amazing desert safaris to shopping havens, Dubai city is the place that has it all! Read on and you will certainly get to know a lot more about City of Dubai.

When it comes to record breaking marvels, the latest one is the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest residential tower which is located in Downtown Dubai. The tower is 829.8 meters tall (2272 feet) and has a total of 11 world records. The next record that Dubai holds is for the Dubai Mall, the world's biggest shopping arcade. Often called the shopper's paradise, this place has more than twenty different malls to choose from. This mall is also known for its unique and amazing display of fireworks, one of the world's best horse races & a lot of other competitions, that are held during the annual Dubai Shopping Festival. This shopping festival is a thirty day event, where you not only enjoy heavy discounts on all the products and brands available there, but you can also pamper your taste buds by sampling amazing cuisine from all over the globe!

While shopping remains one of the top tourist attractions in Dubai, there are also a lot of other activities that one can enjoy without paying a single dime. Yes, you heard it right! Dubai offers a lot of pastimes and attractions that one can enjoy completely FREE! The list includes some amazing tourist attractions and even night clubs. And yes, Dubai City has something special to offer everybody, from young and old singles, to couples looking for some romance, and even for families looking to get some rest, relaxation and wholesome enjoyment. The best part is, one can explore Dubai with very little expenditure involved, thanks to the high-tech Dubai metro service.

The local currency of Dubai is Dirham's (AED). You can exchange your currency the moment you land at the famous Dubai International Airport. There are also many different exchange centres all over the place. You can also use your international credit cards to withdraw local currency directly from the various ATM's that dot the popular city hotspots and malls.

Dubai as a city is unique, young, exciting and hungry for growth. More and more facilities, malls, entertainment spots and tourist attractions are continuously coming up in Dubai. Moreover, there are a lot more people from all over the world who are shifting to Dubai permanently, so you will get to interact with a lot of different communities when you tour around the city. And this simply means that Dubai has so much to offer you, with its unlimited surprises and exciting new adventures, every single day. From the massive shopping malls, and unimaginably tall skyscrapers, the new Dubai also has some very amazing amusement parks and water parks.

Coming to the hotels in Dubai, the city has some of the best to offer in terms of location, facilities, and technological marvels. The city is home to the world's one and only Seven Star hotel, the Burj Al Arab. Apart from this well-known hotel, there are also a number of other hotels that are highly luxurious and offer a wide range of amazing facilities to cater to every need and fancy of guests and tourists from all over the world.

From all the tourist attractions in Dubai, the place also has a lot to offer people who are hoping to settle down here. This includes the latest in health care infrastructure, a state-of-the-art transportation network, as well as a highly secured crime-free and healthy environment apart from an amazing infrastructure of roadways and the Metro. Also, Dubai is one of fastest growing economies of the world. All these modern facilities are what make Dubai what it is!

Feel free to navigate all around our site, to get the latest and most accurate information about Dubai on the internet! Our endeavour here is to evolve continuously, and we thrive to give you all the information about the city of Dubai and other nearby areas, which can help you whenever you come to Dubai. If you are tourist or a business visitor, we suggest that you bookmark our website, so you can check it whenever you need to know any information about Dubai. Our website is the complete tour guide for Dubai. You can even follow us on Twitter and Facebook; and do not hesitate to share your experiences and memories of Dubai with us!
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Travel to Dubai:
The city of Dubai welcomes visitors from all over the world. Not only are there some very important historical places and tourist attractions in Dubai, there are also a number of Hindu temples in Dubai as well as a church here. The city of Dubai not only has a lot to offer in terms of attractions, but also otherwise. Every year, more than 30 million visitors come to Dubai; apart from tourists, there is a high percentage of business visitors that also come in frequently to Dubai and to the United Arab Emirates, for short visits.

An interesting fact about Dubai city is that, while it is strict in terms of rules and regulations, and there are a number of them that may seem rather too rigid, this discipline has helped Dubai greatly in its overall cultural as well as economic growth.   As mentioned earlier, the Dubai International Airport - the primary gateway to the city as well as to the whole of the United Arab Emirates, caters to thirty million passengers each year and it is being continuously expanded to handle the ever-increasing crowds every year. The airport has been constructed in a very organized manner and there are a number of facilities such as Duty-Free shops, Restaurants, prayer rooms for Muslims, hotels, Coffee shops, and even Internet access.
Dubai Local Home Model at Jumeirah Beach

Today, you can easily catch a flight to Dubai from any part of the world. Most of the countries have daily flights to Dubai from more than one location. As far as local transportation is concerned, there are taxis easily available from right outside the Dubai airport. But they are known to be a bit expensive, compared to other parts of Dubai City. As such, you can even opt for the Dubai Metro service, right from the airport terminal, if you do not have too much of extra baggage. You can even get a car on rental at good rates, provided you have booked earlier. From the Dubai International Airport, there is another one being constructed. While it was earlier known as the Jebel Ali Airport, it is now called the Al Maktoum International Airport. Other points to enter Dubai, include the Abu Dhabi Airport which is at a distance of 120 kilometres from Dubai, and the nearby Sharjah Airport located around 35 kilometres from Dubai.

When it comes to taking flights, the UAE has three airlines which are known to operate from all major cities around the world and are continuously adding new routes. Do check with our unique search engine for hotels and flights from Dubai Travel, whether there are direct flights from your location. Of these three airlines, the Etihad Airways is probably the most famous. Based in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, this airline is known for having round-the-clock computerized check-in counters at the Abu Dhabi Airport. This enables flyers to check in without having to wait in long queues. Others are Emirates based in Dubai, and Air Arabia which is the primary national airlines of the UAE and is based in Sharjah. While Emirates and Etihad Airways are known to fly all over the globe, Air Arabia is limited to Asian and Arabian countries, at present.

In addition to the airlines, there are also other means of transportation that you can opt for. People who are in the neighbouring countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and as from far from Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon can travel by land. Another option for reaching Dubai is by sea. Many foreign vessels and luxurious ocean liners are known to come to various ports such as Port Rashid, located in Dubai City.

Customs and Visas - We highly recommend that you double check all the different rules & regulations governing the UAE, before your departure to the country. Requirements are known to depend upon your country of origin, as well as your present nationality. GCC Nationals who are either from Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman do not require Visas to visit Dubai, at any point of time.

Other citizens from approved countries listed below can easily get a Visa upon arrival at any of the Dubai ports and airports. This Visa will be valid for a period of sixty days, and it can be extended for up to one additional month. The countries that are in the approved list include: German, France, Norway, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Cyprus, Spain, Vatican, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Brunei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan,  Malaysia, Malta, San Marino and Monaco.

The third Visa category is meant for individuals who are not from GCC countries, but are on a high post in their companies. They may be company owners and managers, directors, doctors, auditors, pharmacists, engineers or employees working in the public sector firms, and their families, or also the members of staff sponsored by them, are eligible for a non-renewable thirty day Visa upon arrival, to any of the ports of entry in the United Arab Emirates.

For those of you who do not fall into any of these categories, you will need to apply for a Visa through a sponsor. This can be done by any of the following ways:
-    Hotels and Tourist agencies can apply for Visas on behalf of tourists. The tourist Visas will be valid for a period of thirty days. They can also get Service Visas which are valid for fourteen days, or even a Visit Visa which is valid for thirty days and extendible for the same period.
-   Airlines can apply for a ninety six hours Transit Visa on behalf of their crew members, and if need be, for passengers on a case to case basis.
-   Other organizations based in the UAE can apply either for Service Visas or Visit Visas.
-  Subject to certain conditions, even your friends and relatives who are based in the United Arab Emirates can apply for a Visa, for you.

Tourist Visas - These can be obtained for people from the following regions: West and East Europe, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Albania, St. Lucia, St Kitts-Navis, Bermuda, Cuba, the Hellenic Republic, French Guiana, Antigua & Barbuda, Kingston, St. Vincent, Martinique Palao, Guyana, Belize and other non-defined American Nationalities, South Africa, China, Cyprus, Singapore, Thailand and Malta.    A Tourist Visa is valid for thirty days and is not renewable. The Visa has to be sponsored either by the tour operators or hotels, that either bring the visitors or accommodate them from any of the above countries.

Visit Visas - For those people including tourists, who wish to spend more than fourteen days in Dubai or even the UAE as a whole, a Visit Visa will be needed. This includes people coming to visit family & friends or on long business trips. For a Visit Visa, the visitors need to be sponsored by a UAE resident who has worked, or is working in the UAE currently. Another entity that can sponsor the long term visitors are licensed hotels in Dubai, or a company or business entity registered to operate in the UAE. For this, a refundable deposit of AED 2,000 will have to be paid as a guarantee by the expatriates, who are sponsoring the visitors coming in.   Visit Visas allow for entry within two months from the date that they have been issued, and they have to be utilized in that same period only. They are valid for sixty days and renewable up to ninety days. There is a fee of AED 500 that is charged for each renewal.

The following is required from the sponsor for each application :
-   The visitor's details and arrival date.
-   A photocopy of the visitor's passport, that is valid for at least three months.
-   There is a fee of AED 100 (Or maybe more) for obtaining a Visit Visa, and an additional fee of AED 10 for its delivery by DNATA.
-   Visit Visa holders are allowed to enter or depart from any of the ports in the UAE.

Multiple Entry Visas - These type of Visas are issued to business visitors, who are in a business relationship with either a reputed local company or a multinational conglomerate, that have a presence or operations in Dubai. These Visas are valid for a period of six months from the date of issue and attract a fee of AED 1,000.

Transit Visas - Those passengers and flight crew that are on a stopover in Dubai for a minimum period of eight hours, and meet the below mentioned conditions, are eligible to get Transit Visas for a period of ninety-six hours.
The Conditions are:
-   Sponsorships are to be done by the Airlines only, and prior arrangements will have to be made for the same.
-   Applicants for Transit Visas should have confirmed onward bookings for their 3rd destination, within the 96 hour period. This means that they should have some kind of confirmed travelling plans.

For transit passengers or those who have special permits, and are in Dubai for a short visit, the passport has to be valid at least for a period of three months. Also, please note that people from Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Yemen and Niger are not eligible for Transit Visas.

Transit Visas are to be obtained from the Dubai International Airport through arrangements with the Emirates Airline personnel, or by Marhaba Services for those travelling from other airlines.