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Dubai Travel Talk Guide

Dubai Travel Talk Guide

Welcome to our website page that it will be updated each time we have Dubai Travel tips and useful guide to share with you. You will find good to know stuff here either if you are UAE residence or a visitor in Dubai, UAE. Welcome Again.

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First time in Dubai - Location, where to stay:
Dubai is one of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates, many heard about the city, many knows about the city than the capital of UAE Abu Dhabi or any other emirates.
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First time in Dubai; what to expect:
Dubai is multinational city, with few places that you can find locals the UAE nationals roaming around. Do not expect sales ladies or men in the shopping malls are local, most of them are either from other Arab countries or other continents. Who speaks English very well, and even other languages too.
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Dubai Parks worth Visit:
Either you are a visitor or residence, there are lot of fun one can have during the weekend, or holiday or one in vacation in Dubai at the major public parks. Public parks in Dubai are not just a park, they are more than that.
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Travel 2 Dubai on a Budget:
Gives you an idea of how much you can spend and save while you enjoy your trip in Dubai. We are all concern about the budget when time to travel, how much to spend on hotel stay, attractions and other expenses, and most of the time we end up over spending.

In Dubai you can spend travel and enjoy the city like a king and you can enjoy the city hardly spending above US$100 per day including the hotel. It all depends where you stay, dinning, and visit attractions.
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Dubai Safe City:
No one travel or will consider living in a un safe city. But Dubai and the whole country United Arab Emirates is exceptional safe. Safety starts as soon as you land Dubai, from a to z, everyone is protected. Dubai is safe to travel and hardly you will hear visitors encounter petty crimes or theft. If in case you heard about the major crimes happened, then it will be between two parties, means they know each others, as there is no theft or crimes targeted to residence or visitors just like that, and is very rare happen. Dubai is Safe city to Visti.
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Visit Dubai Attractions from Abu Dhabi:
Dubai attracts many visitors from around the globe and all they do visit, and it is sad to find out residence or visitors from other cities in UAE never take apportunity to visit Dubai attractions, other than watch on TV and reading in the news paper. There are many reason and the main one is budget. In this hard economy no one wants to spend much just to visit Dubai. From the link below you will find out how cheap and comfortable way to travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai by public transport, Dubai metro and visit major attractions on your way.
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Dubai in 11/11/11:
To dedicate this unique date that falls on Friday, we present to you places to visit; old and new Dubai including shopping malls. So as the date arranged:
11 places to visit in New Dubai / 11 places to visit in Old Dubai / 11 Shopping malls not to miss when in Dubai. Find out more about those places in Dubai to visit and Dubai shopping malls. Read More by clicking Here.

Dubai Shopping Festival and Al Rigga Street:
Dubai shopping festival sprirt lighted up Dubai and even turn dull Dubai streets into a shining favourites spot to visit with lots of activities. One of the street in Dubai which transformed during the shopping festival is Al Rigga Street. And with Dubai Metro, is become more easier to reach at Al Rigga, no matter where you stay in Dubai. Find out more from the Dubai Shopping Festival and Al Rigga Street page.

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