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Dubai Global Village

Dubai Global Village

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dubai global village


Dubai Global Village open from 21st October 2012 to 30th March 2013, more than 150 days to enjoy the festivities from around the world right here in Dubai.

Opening Hours: SAT - WED. 4pm - 12am midnight

Thursday and Friday from 4pm to 1Am midnight.

MONDAY: Family day. No Bachelors / singles allowed.

Dubai global village

Global Village started in 1996 during the shopping festival to support awareness of different cultures from around the world in one place, at the same time to have fun and enjoy differrent kinds of festivities at Dubai Global Village. It was covered asmall area at the Dubai Creek with few pavilions and kiosks which represented few countries from around the world and attracted more than 500,000 visitors.

Dubai Global Village

Dubai global village is located about 15-18km away from the city center along the Emirates Road towards Abu Dhabi. Easy way to reach by private cars where it takes about 25mins to reach at destination. There are dedicated shuttles from Al Ghubaiba bus stop in Bur Dubai which transport passengers to Global village, we have no further details at present for that. If you stay at the hotel you can ask at the reception, how to reach there, and depends where is your hotel located in Dubai, if hotel staff suggested for you a limousine or taxi it will be very expensive ride, going and back to your hotel. Do make sure sure first about the distance from your hotel and how much it will cost.

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Me and Dubai Global Village: Not long time ago, we are not able to experience and enjoy different cultures from around the world. For example. I visted Thailand back in 1995 and i really enjoyed their unique spicy hot seafood soup known as "Tomyoun" I dont know if I pronounced right. Now I can get right here in Dubai, same taste. This apply to others interests that many of you wish you can experience different cultures from around the world in one place. All that you can find and enjoy your favorites at Dubai Global Village.

Dubai global village

Entance fees is Dhs10.00 for adult. We entered through gate Number 3. Where is the nearest gate out of 5 that is not very far from where we parked our car. From this entrance there are two pavillions UAE and Yemen. Both attracted large crowd. It was second day of Eid celebration, global village was crowded and at that time there was no any particular programs, such as fireworks or international folks dance at the main stage.

Dubai Global village

United Arab Emirates Pavillion; where you will have a chance to explore more about UAE culture and interesting items that are on sale. I did not have chance to visit inside the pavillion. This is bad about me when am at global village, I intend just to walk by outside of many pavillions. End up visiting few inside them and explore more.

Dubai global village - Yemen

Yemen Pavillion. No need to travel to Sana'a the capital or other parts of this country where the best qaulity horney come from and spicy stuff. All you will find right here on display of more than ten variaties of horney and other items.

Dubai global village

Passing through the pavillions and crowd from different nationalities and with light decorations around the area, kiosks on the side selling fresh juices, tea, sandwichesand snacks from around world where you can't imagine you will find in the Gulf. Best of all in my case was from this one old local lady cooking small round kind of dougnut and when is ready dipped in a hot slippery sugary horney mix.

Dubai global village

Forget about dieting when you are infront of this lady, what's she is cooking smells good and tempting, you can find line up of visitors from different nationalities wanted to try UAE local food.

Dubai Global Village

Separated by man made river channel with pedestrian crossing bridges, this make more interesting for visitors. You can enjoy a view from these channels by hiring a boat and sail around the Global village. I think two hours is not enough to explore all the areas and pavillion from different countries.As for me I visited or passyby one sided of the channel where we had chance to seet UAE, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Phillipines, Qatar, Morrocco, India, Spain and Lebanon.

Other pavillions just passing by outside if you decided to visit each pavillion then you will need to visit another day or spend all day from 4pm to 11pm.

Dubai Global village

Saudi Arabia

Dubai global village

Morocco Pavillion

Dubai global village

Another area which I did not get a chance to visit this time is funfair ground, the main attractions for youngsters. Cool rides and games to enjoy, but I must mention this, is to watch your budget, if you want to enjoy and you have family with kids, then you will be spending not less than Dhs500 (About US$140) for both rides and refreshements.

Global Village

Most of the rides are cool to try and worth it, as for the games, for is money eater, you just want to try more and more just to win a huge teddy bear or other prizes. But all in all, you feel enjoyment to be in such mood once in a while.

Dubai global village

Remember when you visit Dubai global village, it means a really global village, to my surprise I find myself near Amazon rainforest, entrance is not free there is a fee to enter. Well, I can't say anything for now what kind of animlas they diplay inside, as I did not visit inside, but for sure they have cool rarest animals that you won't believe you can see them right here in Dubai.

Dubai Global village Global village

Me on right - blue t-shirt and Bu Ghaleb. At Amazon Rain Forest - Dubai Global Village (7th Nov 2011)

One of the Huge pavillion at Global village is Indian Pavillion, where there are many outlets display goods both from india and nearby countries, the design and decoration always is the best.

Global Village - India

No need to travel to India when you can have a taste of India right here in Dubai, particularly when there is a stage shows where you will have opportunity to witness Indian traditional dance. Well, sometimes there is display of dancing like in the movie songs, mix of west and east to get young generation exciting. Unfortunately there was no any stage show during my visit. But if you get lucky, or at least to check on the time table of the events, you will be entertain to watch different types of Indian dance, with exact Indian culture clothes and make up of performers and how they dance.

Dubai global village - India Dubai Global Village - India

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