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Abu Dhabi - Al Bateen Beach

Abu Dhabi - Al Bateen Beach

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Al Bateen Beach Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates, ten years ago, it was hard to find a perfect public beach like in Dubai. At Corniche along the corniche road, it was not even safe to swim. No toilet, no life guard but still received visitors and Abu Dhabi residence who are beachgoers.

Al Bateen Beach Abu Dhabi -
Al Bateen Beach with a view of Hodaiyat Bridge

Another temporary beach or the beach that residence explored themselve was after the Abu Dhabi Marina Mall, further towards Emirates Palace, just like back side of Emirates palace. This beach also there was no any facilities, at present is closed to give a way presidential palace.

Al Bateen Public Beach Abu Dhabi - Hassan Al Jabri

At present 2012, Abu Dhabi residence and visitors have more choices of which beach they would like to visit. In this particular page, we will talk about Al Bateen Public Beach, which is located at the end of Al Bateen Road in Abu Dhabi.

Explore below Google map about the location of Al Bateen Public Beach.

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Al Bateen; for those who used to practice for their upcoming Marathons in Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi striders members, including myself, used to jog / run two years ago, along Al Bateen road from the mosque which located at the beginning of the road to the end where the beach is located. The beach was just normal with no facilities.

Al Bateen Beach Sept2009
Al Bateen Beach 2009

Al Bateen Beach Abu Dhabi 2012
Al Bateen Beach 2012

With walkways, car park, security, life guard, toilets, showers, kiosks, chidlren playground, you cannot ask more when you visit Al Bateen Public beach in Abu Dhabi. Location is even better compared to Corniche beach, where it located within the city and skycrappers. But here at Al Bateen beach, is a a bit far away from the tall towers and sound of never ending moving vehicles and constructions.
Al Bateen Beach Abu Dhabi :

Al Bateen Beach Abu Dhabi -

As any other beach in Abu Dhabi, you should know that no one is allowed to walk with swim suite out of the beach area. Security will stop you and tell you to wear proper cloth. For men, you can wear at least a t-shirt and remain with (wet)pants, thats is ok as long as you cover your upper body. Same with ladies too.

Al Bateen Beach Abu Dhabi -

Al Bateen Beach Abu Dhabi is open from 7:00am to 6:30pm, times changes according to season. Entry is FREE as this is one of the public beach in Abu Dhabi. Beach sand is not that white, like that in Caribean or East Africa where I grew. Is pure white sand beach no, mud or rocky stones. But still is a nice beach to visit, though not recommended in mid day, as there are no shades.

Al Bateen Beach Abu Dhabi -

You want to enjoy the beach without worrying much about sun rays, is to visit Al Bateen Beach Abu Dhabi from 7am - 9am and from 4am - 6am.